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Almost one third of all Australians may rely on an inheritance to pay off the mortgage or pay for their future.30

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But you don’t need to have all your eggs in one basket.

Australia’s house prices are high by world standards, meaning you may be in a position where you have to focus all your finances towards paying off the mortgage — and nothing more. This may leave very little for planning your future beyond work.

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Have a plan in place: review your super arrangement to make sure you’re getting the best options available.

Boost and consolidate your super: you can make a few simple changes that could make all the difference later down the track. First, make sure you’re not wasting money by paying multiple fees. Find all your super and consolidate it in one place.

Think about salary sacrifice: talk to your employer about whether you salary sacrifice a little today to prepare for tomorrow.

“An inheritance is not necessarily a reliable plan for the future. You can take control of your finances.”

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