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Many families only have 30% of the life insurance they need if something happens.17

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Did you know that couples in their mid-30s need about 10 times their earnings as protection if the worst happens to a main breadwinner17? The figure is a real surprise for many. While some super offers default life insurance cover, it’s only providing about 30% of the cover families may need if you die or are totally disabled.

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It’s never a good idea to wait: you only need life insurance when something happens – but by then it’s too late if you’re not already prepared, so get moving today.

Check how adequate your insurance through super is: even if you have life insurance through your super, you need make sure it’s enough. Families18 need cover of about $680,000, however, the default cover is typically only around $200,000.17

Cover your gap today: we can help with a range of life insurance options that will support your family in the future.

“If you’re serious about protecting your family’s financial future, life insurance can’t wait.”

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