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Almost half of Aussie households say they live pay to pay without planning for the future. High income households aren’t immune.32

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It’s challenging to plan for the future when you’re living from pay to pay. But this is a reality for 46% of Aussie households. Many high income earners are in this position as well, with 27% of $150-$200,000 households not having anything left over to save for the future.

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Create a financial plan: with the help of a financial adviser, get started with a simple financial plan to help you manage your expenses, debt and save for the future.

Think about how you can invest for the future: super is a great place to start! Small top ups to your super may have a huge effect on your retirement finances if they’re made consistently. Talk to your employer about salary sacrificing extra into super.

“You don’t need to live right on the financial brink. A few small changes can create the financial freedom you need for the future.”

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