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One in five people under the age of 40 haven’t thought about investing in retirement.20

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You’d be surprised at the difference action today can make to comfort tomorrow.

You may think retirement is an older person’s game – but if time’s on your side it’s so much easier to enjoy a fantastic future. If you’re 25 years from retirement, and contribute just an extra $10 (after tax) into your super fund every week, you could have about $25,000 extra super savings at retirement22.

You don’t have to compromise on your plans to travel or buy a house to secure your future – you can make a big difference with just a few small steps:

Consolidate your super: make sure you’re not wasting money by paying multiple fees. Find all your super and consolidate it in one place.

Add a bit extra: consider contributing more into your super from your pre-tax salary or wages (known as concessional contributions). If you make super contributions through an effective salary sacrifice agreement, these concessional contributions are taxed at a maximum rate of 15%24. Generally, this rate is less than your marginal tax rate. However, you should be careful not to exceed contribution cap limits. Contributions in excess of contribution caps will attract additional tax penalties.

Make a sacrifice: but not a big one! But you may be able to make a salary sacrifice you won’t miss today that will make a big impact down the track. Talk to your employer about whether this is possible.

“Small sacrifices today can pay big dividends in the future.”

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